Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Night Two

Recaps of the first night. T woke up at 6:30 a.m. and stayed awake until 8:45ish--then took an hour and a half long nap. No incidents during the night. He was completely out of the covers. Thankfully we have warm pajamas.

  • quick pick-up (3 things to pick up--it's a miracle)
  • bedtime routine (which ended up being a little slower than normal--bathroom breaks were some how elongated--tooth brushing took forever)
  • move chair further from crib
So I moved the chair and sat on it after the routine and he must not have liked that one bit because he cried for about fifteen minutes. I learned that I have to make sure the kids don't have toys in their bed because S had her jewelry box and made a small racket--big enough to start the whole ordeal over. But over all they were pretty quiet.

Thank you for your prayers in our behalf. Doing this kind of thing for me is really challenging, but I know it will be better for everyone. Thank you for your comments--they were really encouraging!

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