Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So here are some pictures of me with short hair, but first a quick explanation. I thought the first one with the sun shining looked, to me, absolutely heavenly. The second one was when I thought I had lots of curls left when they had really been blown out by a determined wind. The last one we were attempting to show what we felt about the guy in the pic smoking a cigar. R is showing his artistic way of showing thought-felt sympathy for that guy's (the statue) liver--which he doesn't have--really--but if he were real . . .never mind.

You know what feels good? To be told you are beautiful. :) I love that.

This morning I woke up and my hair was curly and a bit rauchus but when W saw me he said, "Your hair is beautiful curly." He has also told me several times (because I need the verbal repetition) that my hair is beautiful shorter and that I'll have to keep doing it that way because he really likes it (points for W).

When I went to cut my hair I was soooo excited. The lady, Maureen, started cutting my hair. I divulged that I had never colored my hair. She got this Grandma VDG look in her eye and said, "For you, I will give a special price if you let me put some highlights in your hair (music to my ears--and hair). You will look like Mrs. America."

Suddenly I envision myself on some stage with a bright red lipstick smile, confidently wearing a crown, a bouquet of red roses in one arm, the other arm waving, doing that sideways, best-angle stance with a cheering crowd all because of a few highlights. Ah, heaven.

Yes, my imaginations is that vivid.

You can be assured I walked all the way home with my queenly walk (albeit faster) and radiant smile beaming from my face.

So what if all my spoons have suddenly gone missing, what does it matter, I am beautiful. (Mom, don't worry. I am really not that taken with my beauty and the spoons are in the process of being found).

Oh, about beauty pageants (my mother judged one on Saturday--in Idaho). In the Miss America Pageant I heard that the California girl spoke her opinion and was shot down for it. Well, they DID ask for HER opinion did they not? Ridiculous. Sorry about that tangent.


Mara said...

I've always thought you had great hair. Can't wait to see the pics!

cherry said...

I would love to see the pictures!!

Camille said...

Sounds great! Maybe I need some highlights... today Charles, my sweet angel sent to try and give me some self esttem, said to me, "Mom you look lovely." I hadn't showered, was in grubby clothes, and grumpy! I said 'thanks.' then he says this: "You always look lovely, except sometimes you don't. (here it comes, I thought) sometimes, you look Super Lovely." I love that boy!

doug & mary said...

Your hair is beautiful!

GR82BAMOM said...

I caught a glimpse at Church. Very pretty hair!

Emily said...

The highlights look great. Way to be brave!