Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Through the last seven years we have gone through tremendous changes. Marriage, child 1, graduating, moving, moving, moving, child 2, graduation, moving child 3, moving. These are some of the monumental changes that have happened.

Other changes have happened, for example, privacy is a minimum. Unfortuantely even the bathroom is a lackadaisical sanctuary, lockless for the reason our children have locked themselves in there without hope of getting out with the toothpick trick.

Our clothes are 99.9 percent of the time unpressed (sometimes sprayed with water to give the illusion of pressedness). We do not eat out, we order in--usually pizza from Dominoes. Trips to the museums are not times of musing or thoughtful, quiet looking they are juggling fests; chasing children 20 different directions and pointing out all the things that could look the least bit interesting to an uninterested, hungry soul. My purse usually has a large assortment of snacks (depending on my preparation).

Other things include laughing at sweet things our children say from the depths of their souls. We get hugged a lot. We are the first ones our children come to when they are hurt or sad. We have an assortment of grabable snacks (usually) on the lower part of the cupboards for hungry snackers. We get to give praise that lights up a face beyond expectation. We treasure all of these things. We love our dear family.

Back to the cup thing. . . focus, focus. . .

After being married for 7 years I can honestly say that the glasses we've gotten have all ended in the same dismal way--in a pile of shards on the floor. We could give Humpty Dumpty a run for his money. So, as the years have passed we've gone from glass glasses to sippy cups.

When someone visited us recently I pulled out the sippy cups (topless) for them to drink out of (because that is all we have that has survived). I recall a certain shocked look--the look of a respected adult that wailed, "What's that matter with you? Do I look like I'm two?"

Determined this had to stop I have been saving jam jars--recycling, right? It seems we don't go through jam and spaghetti sauce to keep up with the family. After testing break resistant glasses (what does that mean anyway) we have ended up with glass-looking plastic cups. Yay--now when adults visit I can give them psuedo-glasses. My guests won't feel like I am going to pull out the goldfish and raisins and turn on Blue's Clues.



rachel said...

Hey, you're still doing good by my standards. We transitioned to all plastic after one kid. We even started using tupperware as bowls and plates... classy I know.

Mara said...

Our first set of glasses didn't survive thomas's toddlerhood, either. For awhile, all we had were these tall, bright blue, plastic glasses from Target that, as you can imagine, look ridiculous next to plates on a formal dining table. I finally (FINALLY!) got new glass glasses this year, but they only come out for company!

I loved this post. Hilarious and very thought provoking, too. :)

vdg family said...

Thanks for your comments. It is good to know we are not alone. :)

Camille said...

I sympathize with you. The only glasses we had that survived, were these very old green stinky ones we kept trying to break!! I sure would love to come over sometime for some fishy crackers and a movie. :)

Sheri said...

Hey, I have been there. It was about 1 year ago I broke down and finally bought a set of glasses that were not recycled cheez whiz jars or old Utah Jazz cups. I guess I desereved it after 18 years of marriage.

Chelise said...

Mel! This is so hilarious! I love the way you recount your changes and your beautiful life. The best part is the museum... ha ha!

Emily said...

So funny! My favorite cup growing up was a white plastic one with Mr. Kool-Aid's face on it. If you gave me that cup, I'd be happy.