Friday, June 12, 2009

The Bronx Zoo

We went to the zoo as a family a couple of weeks ago. Now we have our official zoo pass--except that it goes to all the zoos and the aquarium (Yay). It also has unlimited access to the bug carousel and the butterfly garden (which we all loved). You will also see the effect of T's first haircut. No more curls.
This wasn't actually at the zoo, it was at a school activity for R, but those pictures didn't turn out as well and there are not many good zoo pics of me, so I added it. :) See my new haircut?
Oooh, W's muscle is so big it covers the lions in the back.

Doesn't this picture remind you of the old Chinese or Japanese art? R took that picture.
Can you see R in the back?
R was the only one who held still enough for my camera phone long enough. :)
Remember how disobeying your parents and chasing the peacocks in the zoo was so much fun? It took all my restraint to tell my kids NOT to chase the peacocks. Something in me still yearns. . .

Note R's face--the look of a rhino.

We are so blessed!


Lindsay said...

We were at the Bronx Zoo the other day, too! Small world, no? :) You gotta love those zoo memberships, though. The Bug Carousel was Garrett's favorite part, and the Butterfly Garden was mine. :)

rachel said...

I am so glad you finally bit the bullet and got the full zoo pass. I thought it was totally worth it. We went to the aquarium often. Too bad I'm not there to go with you guys...

vdg family said...

I am really excited. I've been deciding now to do it for about the last two years (seriously) and finally we did it. :) We wish you were here Rachel, it would be so fun to go together. Lindsay since you are here we'll have to go. :)

GR82BAMOM said...

We also love the butterfly garden. Last time we went, one landed on my husband's eyebrow! So funny!