Monday, June 29, 2009

lullaby and goodnight

Sometimes when I go to bed it is as easy as falling off a log to go to sleep other days my brain will let me have nothing to do with it. It is almost as if my brain says to itself, "Finally a moment to think." It is often then that I have wonderful (and sometimes wacky) ideas that I think will change my life--or at least the next minute.

It is kind of like Bert and Ernie on Seasame Street.

Hey Burt (my brain).
Yes Ernie (my brain reply).
Have you thought . . . (brain begins to sing an upbeat-there-is-no-way-in-the-world-you-could-sleep-through-that song).
Good night, Burt.
(Burt is wide awake and unable to fathom thoughts of sleepiness).
Ernie? Ernie?! ERNIEEEEEEEE!

Thoughts of the night, in no particular order, include:

Bartering with friends--piano lessons for babysitting.
Other lessons--trip to Costco.

How do you show great love to dear loved ones that have lost a dear loved one? I love you dear ones--you know who you are and you are in our prayers.

Downloading music for Grandma Ot. Grandpa Ot. recently had a fall and has not regained consciousness for the last two weeks. He is in our prayers. What could we do to help Grandma feel comforted.

The need for Martha Stewart to reintroduce her Kid's Magazine. I loved the snappy photos--where the colors were so crisp and simple. The ideas were exciting and easily envisioned by children and parents alike. The layout was unconfusing. The cover was glossy. I could go on and on. I could even say [imagine me biting my lip--slightly and gulping] I would buy a . . . subscription . . . [shocked gasp].

Vaccinations, vacations, staycations, organization, visualization, food fixing, scripture reading, lessons, piano playing, cleaning house, writing a story, etc.

My brain goes through my checklists several times over. How do you tell your brain, "Enough already! I need sleep!" My head is a stubborn one. It refuses to switch to REM or any other kind of sleep. Somehow telling it over and over "Think sleepy thoughts" just doesn't . . . ssnnnnnnnnnnorrrr.


Tiffany Van De Graaff said...

Oh Mel! I think I can relate! Why is going to bed so complicated?? Love you! Sweet dreams (hopefully)!

doug & mary said...

I love this Melanie! I'm right there with you but i need to add thinking about bills to the list!

vdg family said...

Thanks! Somethings I prefer to think about tomorrow--otherwise I'd be thinking about it too.

Brent Orton said...

Don't worry Sis. I get sleepy for both of us and my brain doesn't do a darn thing. :) Love you!

vdg family said...

Thanks Brent--you're a gem. My brain will rest easier knowing that you can do the rest for both of us if need be. :D

Emily said...

I am right there with you, Melanie. I hate it when I can't switch myself to "off." The worst is when everyone is dead asleep and you're wide awake.

Rachel said...

Melanie! How the heck are you??? Reading your blog made me so homesick for good ole Bensonhurst amigas and Brooklyn fun. Do you think you'll EVER move to a small town outside of Tucson? It'd be so great if we could keep in touch! Your kids are adorable and you are so kind and easy to talk to! Give S. a hug from Sophia :).