Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boy Wonder--not as in Robin and Batman

One of the things I kinda like about NYC is that there is always a movie, documentary, or TV show being filmed somewhere. Maybe it is the potato blossom in me (as I am from Idaho) but there are times that I would like to sit and watch what everyone is doing. Find the techniques to make a quality film and add my own ideas, but watching for five minutes at a time is the closest I'll probably get--and I am okay with that.

They were filming across the road from me for an upcoming film called Boy Wonder. Before you assume I am a star chasing person you have to know that I hardly know any actors names. They could march right up to me and talk to me for hours, even if I knew their names, and I wouldn't know who they were. The only reason I figured out who these actors were was because I had the the drop on the situation, I could use the Internet and figure out who was in the movie and what it was all about (Wa, ha, ha).

By the way, it was a small miracle I got these pictures. The guy with the green and white sweater kept walking right in front of me as I was taking the pic. You can see the guy with the arrow pointed at him is one of the stars--the green and white guy did an effective job of blocking. Good thing my camera takes pictures at absolutely random moments or the picture of Ms. Henao wouldn't have worked (you know she must be thinking I have cute kids, cause she was looking at them [modest chuckle]).

Mr. Caleb Steinmeyer (I think)

Ms. Zulay Henao (I think)

After searching a bit I found this article:

The director, Michael Morrissey, was a short grey-haired man all in black with a thick Aussie accent. Subject change: Why do film people always wear black? There were at least 4-5 people all in black. That green and white guy must have felt like a sore thumb.

We had to avoid walking on that sidewalk for the most part (but I didn't mind--just a different view to gawk).

Nearby restaurant owner of Al Safa Lebanese food. Pretty good taboulea. They had a spread of snacks for the actors and crew (cheese puffs, chips, suckers, R eyed it hungrily). R took this pictures.

Now if you see any more of these filmings going around I appreciate your telling me. I love seeing the huge cameras and all the folks that work on it even though they always give me the wary watch-out-don't-film-yet-that-lady-has-children-that-may-go-off-at-any-moment look.

Note to self. If you want to scare camera crew bring a child The more children, more effective the scare.


Lindsay said...

They're doing a lot of filming in the neighborhood this week! I was up on 93rd and 3rd and saw the production crew for that Bruce Willis/Tracy Morgan movie. By the time I was there, they seemed to be wrapping things up, so there wasn't really anything to see. But hey, at least I can say I saw some of the people who will eventually be listed in tiny print during the end credits, right? :)

Mara said...

It's funny because I am a huge movie fan and so I usually know about productions and who is starring, etc., but I almost never saw any actual filmings while Nate ran into a bunch of celebrities and couldn't have cared less! We did meet Rudy Giuliani once on a street corner in Lincoln Center, but it just isn't the same...

Sheri said...

That kind of stuff is what I miss about NYC. It was always fun to see someone famous or watch the filming of something. Now I have to settle for the rare times when something comes out here to the good ol' Northwest. But recently Cuba Gooding Jr. was here filming, and I have to say that I was not impressed.