Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bon Appetit

This morning I got up late (thank Heaven for summer time and children that respect their parents' sleepiness--generally). I walked out for some reason assuming that I was the first one up to be welcomed by S and R.
S had somehow sawed an orange in half with a butter knife (the only kind she is allowed to use). She brought it daintily out, set it on the table and sweetly said, "Bon Appetit, R."

I am not sure where she learned that. I have likely said it all of ten times in the last year. Maybe I should start saying it more. Then it will be the garnish of the meal (instead of parsley on the plate--which has never been there :)).

Later we were talking about a dear sister in our ward that is expecting triplets and that she has to stay inside her apartment so the babies can grow more, then they asked me if I had to do that when I was pregnant with them. I told them I did with S (which made her smile proudly) but not with R or T. R gasped, then pronounced loudly, "I am so glad I am not pregnant or a girl!"

A few minutes after this he said something like, "S, when you get married and are pregnant, your husband will take care of you."


Emily said...

So sweet!

GR82BAMOM said...

They are such cuties!

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Oh! That is oozing with cuteness!!!!!