Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reverence and Primary Goodness

I pretty much love Primary!!!

Today we probably had one of the best primary day ever. Maybe it was because we were totally immersed in the music that bore testimony of Jesus Christ and every song it felt like the veil was very thin and Heaven was almost breaking through. I am sure the room was full of angels smiling and clapping (silently) after every song.

Maybe the reason was because some of the kids could read every word, but some could not--but they could blare out the words they did know. The main message of the song. It sounded something like this, the bold words being reverently belted and the rest of the words so soft and hardly there hearing them was nearly impossible save the nearly inaudible melody.

He lives, He lives who once was dead.
He lives, my ever living Head.
He lives, my hungry soul to feed.
He lives, to bless in time of need.

Maybe it was because I felt like giving each child a hug! S and R nearly had a monopoly on the solo/duet times. S did an interpretive dance for "Come Follow Me" when she did not know the words.

We did a game to see how much of the music they know for the Primary Program coming up in November. We had three judges come in. There was Bro. J., a member of the bishopric; Sister G., one of the moms of the kids in primary; and Elder C., a missionary that judged. They all held up numbers, five being the highest to grade the children on reverence, words/music (how much they knew) and volume. Mostly they got 5's (the highest number possible) but once in awhile they got 4's when they got a bit fidgety, missed some words or were very soft.

At the end, they got little pieces of chocolate because of their superior respect, courage, determination, memorization, reading, singing, etc. They all left the room quietly and there was very little noise in the hallway after church that I heard.

Whatever the reason for one of the best primary days ever, I feel exceedingly blessed. You parents are sure doing a great job with your children! They must be able to feel the Spirit in their homes, because I think they know how to act so they can feel it at Church.

Oh, it is wonderful!


Lindsay said...

Oh, how I miss Primary!

Nicole said...

Melanie, you are so awesome. The kids are so lucky to have you in Primary!