Friday, November 12, 2010

A Cold

What is it about the common cold that makes one feel so uncommonly ill and crotchety?
It's not just about a few aches and pains it shows plainly on the blotched faces of one sniffling eventually blowing into a tissue for momentary relief.

Maybe it is that scratchy cough that happens whenever . . . you breathe. You know, that one that keeps your spouse awake and comes at just the proper moment to wake up your kids the moment before they delve off into deep sleep?

Maybe it is the hot flashes and chills that come as cry-less tears fill your eyes. Or the fact that one cannot become comfortable in one's bed because of the stuffy nose that refuses to be blown and cuts off the breath one attempts to take forcing one to open ones mouth and enter the risk of snoring.

Perhaps it is the sore throat and halitosis thereby accompanying it, causing one to squint in pain as one sips a beverage or swallows a bit of food.

Perhaps it is the circumstantial guilt that slides into place with things like, "Perhaps I should have washed my hands better?"  "It's because I ate out that one night, isn't it."  "I knew I shouldn't have eaten that m&m off the floor even though it was only there for five seconds."  "I know that lady sneezed on me on purpose--I'd never do that--achooooo. Beg your pardon [excuse-ious face]."

Could it be just the over all uncomfortability of the whole nasty business?

Be what it may, it undoubtedly makes one happy for the times one does not have a cold and makes one long for those cold-less times to return instantaneously. 

Okay, thanks for reading.  Colds just make me . . . sick. It's not pleasant, but we're all on the mend.


Lindsay said...

You've got a nasty cold, too, huh? I'm so sorry. I've had one this week and it's been making me absolutely miserable. I hope you (and me, too) feel better asap!

GR82BAMOM said...

Count your blessings and be grateful that you don't have the flu like us! Glad you are all feeling better. The flu here seems to be lingering longer. It really needs to go this week! We want to be flu free for Thanksgiving!