Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cover Letter

What do you think?  Please tell me!

July 29, 2011

Dear . . .

This could be any ordinary cover letter. I could tell you how interested I am in your company and work (which I am, exceedingly); how I had extensive experience acting--in high school, but that would be quite insufficient.
Do you know that you are changing the face of the “norm culture” every day you prepare and send out background artists?  Of course you do.  You know that people everywhere flock to their televisions and to the movie theaters delighted to be entertained.  The synapses in their brains seem to slow and go into an absorbent state.  The artists in the foreground and the background almost un-noticeably shape or condition human opinions. I want to be a part of that!
Interest? Yes--I’ve got oodles of interest! I want to be a background artist so I can act, watch and learn everything I can about the industry. I want to be a face that may or may not show up on screen, but will help mold the scene to what the director wants.  All those weeks acting with my nearest and dearest ones on camera.  This time, I will be able to see in action what was hidden when I was defending a faux-bullied girl  in ABC’s 20/20 What Would You Do?  Eliza Doolittle understudy of 1998, dream on.
Please, let me be a [company name] background artist.
Warmest Regards,



Whitney said...

I like your cover letter! I think it will make it stand out!

vdg family said...

Oh my stars, I just checked this and what I wrote yesterday wasn't supposed to be published on my public blog--only on my private me only blog. :}

Thanks for the comments Whitney!

Chelise said...

Do it Mel! They'll be blown away!

--Love, Mommers and Chelise

vdg family said...

Aww thanks Chelise and Mommers!:D