Thursday, September 8, 2011

Evac-ation Sunday

The next day we got up and watched the Hudson River seep over the edges of Manhattan.    Then we went to church.  The Harrisburg ward had been cancelled, but the Hershey ward was still meeting.  We went a really round about way the GPS on the phone took us.  But we got there after swerving around a few fallen branches.

It was such a fun ward and one of the talks really touched me.  He talked about how when we go to church are we really there with all our minds?  Think about the scripture that talks about serving the Lord with all our heart, mind and strength.  When we come to church are we really focused on being there and learning from the Lord?  I found myself really pondering this and trying to estimate the times I come to church what is my focus.  I'll be honest most of the time I am there to feel the Spirit but a lot of times it goes into child care (all my might and strength) and what I can do to have a few minutes to really focus. I tend to sit in the front rows so I can focus on the lessons being taught.

Afterward we drove off and I parked on the side of the road.  There was a large boulder of concrete in front of us while I looked up something we wanted to do.  S and R got out of the car and went to explore the concrete. They found some old sunglasses, fish bones, and a 25 cent-ish looking gold ring (with a lot of gold missing).  They were so proud of the fact that they had found a treasure. They talked about it all the time we were driving.

Then we drove to a restaurant that I had wanted to go to. Since it was Sunday sitting with a bunch of strangers around a table topped with good food seemed like a good way to spend a Sunday meal. Turns out however that the restaurant is closed on Sunday--all the corn fields around the place had gone through some serious wind and the first four rows of corn were tipped on their sides.

They have a great petting zoo that had a playground right next to it and the kids petted the goats, played on the toys, climbed on the Good and Plenty wagon.  Then a little boy from the neighborhood came over and wanted to chat with us for awhile.  He was hilarious. He wanted to show us everything and he showed off for all the kids.

Then we drove to get some food. It was great to eat breakfast food for dinner.  Then we went into the hotel and rested for the rest of the day.

"These goats are great . . . let's take a step back so they don't eat my fingers. "

What will these goats eat?  Er, what will these goats not eat?

From all your labors rest, man. Rest! (the bug has a surfer accent--no I don't know where he got it). This was clearly written late at night.  I am not sure what, exactly,  I was thinking right then.

Giddy'ap.  Yee Haw!  

I swear this alpaca was posing--look at it's face--It is smiling.  After I took the picture it moved again and posed.  My guess it is thinking, "Ah, my adoring public."

Mom, how many pictures are you seriously going to take?

I wonder how long I can stand here before mom realizes I'm not listening.

Did someone say "Ice cream?"

Twisty straws?  Best. Restaurant. Ever.

"Greek Yogurt!"  "Cheese!" is so passe.

Watch it mom I can swing like it's nobody's business.

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Joe and Kristin Family said...

You have the cutest kids on the East Coast.