Monday, September 26, 2011

Some days . . .

Some days I just adore where I live. Really! 

The parks are full of wonderful people practicing their own forms of exercise, including broom stick twirling and tai chi (I really would like to try tai chi).  

Then you walk around the corner and you see the Italian ladies in their dressing gowns enjoying the cool breeze outside by their grape vines and potted plants all over the place.

Then you walk around the corner to a busy street and you see all sorts of people doing different things.

 I love being a mom!

I almost stepped into this little feller. He was the size of a dime all scrunched up. I tried to get him to move, but all he did was wave a single leg at me for a second.

We walked to Three Guys from Brooklyn for their cheaper produce.


cherry said...

Daphne wanted to teach me Tai Chi. I tend to slack off so i might enroll to Yoga even once a week, i seriously need to exercise.

Mindy said...

I pretty much love your guts and every post! Your delightful writings either make me laugh or inspire me. Thanks! Steve is far away in a distant part of the country interviewing today and tomorrow... it's going really well and he has lots of interviews so it's a big blessing. We're exploring specialty programs and figuring out life... lots of important big decisions coming soon! Thanks for being you