Monday, April 30, 2012

First Stitches

R got his first stitches today. We went to the park after school and he saw a ball beckoning him to save it's life on the boring side of a fence. So he decided to rescue it. He climbed up only to have his hand catch on the fence as he fell. Thank goodness there was a dad watching and he ran over and rescued him.

We took him to the doctor. The nurse called the doctor over and the doctor said that we needed to go to the hospital because he needed stitches.  Sorry, but it seems to me that doctors should be able to stitch up a gash in their office. But, oh well.

I called W and he said come on in and we'll fix it.  An hour later they came out of the hospital and R was very proud of his stitches.  He was helped by the fact we promised to get him a new DS game.

Eight years with children and these are the first stitches.

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