Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm so excited.

Today, as I walked from the gym to my friend's house I pretended all the leaves on the trees and bushes were cheering for me. I imagined they all had little faces and green hands that were clapping wildly.  They were cheering and I practically started bowing and waving, but refrained.

Then, I dropped my screenplay off at my friend's house. He is a cinematographer and I hope, hope, hope that he likes it and will give me some good ideas for improvement.

Then, I hope he and his amazing wife say, "M, you should make this movie. Kris will film it. It will be good."

As I walked away I got some bananas.  I'm pretty sure they were complementing me all the way home. And, the applause was practically deafening, of course that could have been the wind giving me it's two cents worth.

Gulp, pray for me. :)  If they don't like it, then I will re-think it. It will all be great.  I feel so grateful to live in a place where I have access to amazing people like that.

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