Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lunch With Dad

 Tuesday we went out with friends, but they could only stay at the Botanic Gardens for a few minutes, so S bought a Venus fly trap and we went to see W for lunch (it's about a ten minute drive from the gardens to W's work).   Things were slow enough he could join us. We drove to a nearby cemetery for a picnic (in the car) and a quick walk around.  It's the same cemetery where one of NYC's most notorious gangsters is buried as well as a few other well-known dead people.  It was beautiful.

 Then we dropped him off only to receive a text a few minutes later, "Come back. Let's get the kid's teeth checked."  We came back and, as you can see from S's face of trepidation, they checked the kid's teeth.  R and T had no cavities, but poor S had to get another robot tooth (Seriously, we have them brush their teeth twice a day and use fluoride).
R was proud of his strong teeth.

This was a moment after the first photo you saw. 

Best friends and great brothers.
T and I. 

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