Monday, August 22, 2011

"Beside Every Successful Man"

David McCullough wrote,"Real love isn't just gazing into each other's eyes. It's looking out together in the same direction." Quoted from Beside Every Successful Man. Basham, Megan. 2008.

For those that know me fairly well, you know that I seldom, if ever, do book reviews. I read, really I do, but I seldom find books that speak to my soul and in a way, answered my prayers.

This is my new non-religious favorite book.  I saw Ms. Basham on the Rachael Ray Show (a rare thing) and Ms. Ray just about had a fit (think toddler style) because of this book.  I knew then I really wanted to read it. 

In the book, Ms. Bahan draws on personal, well-known, and historical husband and wife relationships wherein the wife has helped take the family navigation role and urged the husband (thereby the family as a whole) to greater success.  She encourages wives to pinpoint our husband's strengths (especially the ones our husbands are most proud of) and wants out of life and how to map out a plan to accomplish those goals.

As wives, we often know more about our husbands than anyone else, we are the best equipped to encourage them, in a non-nagging way to press forward and accomplish their/our goals. We have confidence in their abilities and they do not want to disappoint us, so we show them our appreciation in the way we treat them and the things we say (she talks about ways to improve--if you're like me upon occasion) thus improving their self-confidence.

After we pinpoint and encourage their strengths she urges us to gather our resources as women--our networking abilities, our strengths to help our husbands with things they may need.  We can network with other women to find out about other opportunities for our husbands.

Also, the fact that I know many amazing women (if you're reading this you are likely one of them) that has moved across the country in support of her husband's career or something similar.  To you brave women, I tip my digital hat. You are my heroes and you can do it [it being whatever you put your mind to]!! You are the ones I count my blessings several times to have been able to/and currently live near and hope some day that we can live near one another again because you are quite inspiring.

There is so much more. . . read it.  Tell me what you think. I'd love to hear!  

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Mindy said...

Hello again!! I am starting to kind of get back into the blogging world. What a fantastic book. It sounds amazing! I'm reading "Strangling Your Husband is Not an Option" by Boyack and I'm really enjoying it. I'll need to read yours too. It looks like you got a DSLR camera??!! If so, I am SOOOOO happy for you! Loves! ps. Steve's first interview is tomorrow!