Sunday, August 14, 2011

a reflection of blessedness at bedtime

As I sit here at my computer I hear W and the kids laughing.  It's a nightly ritual, either W or I put the kidlets to bed and a lot of times it is filled with a bit of laughter, hugs, prayer, and happiness.

It is probably one of my favorite times of the day because it is then that I can really reflect on my day, the things that I have loved about the day--thinking about the funny things the kids have done, the things I could have done better (oh, so many) and the things I plan to do the next day to make the rest of the summer slightly magical for my family.

Day before yesterday T was said in his prayer in a I'm-telling-on-you sort of way, "Mommy was grouchy on Sunday."  W and I opened our eyes just a centimeter or two and attempted our best to not smile at each other. Who else will listen and inflict punishment because W will most likely be on my side and will not scold me, the Big Man Upstairs is who.  In my defense, it was fast Sunday (a day where we fast for 2-3 meals to show our gratitude for what we have and to concentrate our prayers for a specific purpose).

Other times I hear S talking to T.  I hear her using my exact vocal inflections and tone of voice on him that I use with her and I think to myself, wow!  I really have an influence over my kidlets and I better watch the way I talk to them a lot more.  Today she was talking to him while he was doing the wale-y whine. S just said to him in a no-nonsense way, "T, I cannot talk to you when you are acting like that. Stop whining and I can help you."  I also love how loving she is to T and is constantly telling people of the cuteness of her baby brother. She also likes to switch randomly into dresses and has recently decided that pink is not on her list of top favorite colors.

R just makes me happy. I am so proud of him. He really goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me.  He has such a sweet smile. He will run and do things for me the first time I ask him and my heart swells with pride each time he does it.  He is confident and determined.  He is a protective older brother that keeps an eye on S and T and tells them stories at bedtime (well he and S take turns). Plus, he thinks I am the best cooker in the world.

W is such a good man. He works like crazy. He loves our children and delights in playing with, working with and teaching them.  He loves to take them, like his father before, to do acts of service.  He loves to see their faces brighten with new ideas and enjoys hearing them talk at the dinner table.  He makes me feel beautiful and loved (which is huge to me).  He listens when I am in a talk-your-right-ear-off mood.  I love him so much!

It's a Sunday night and I could write about anything, but I just feel so blessed, loved and loving.  The Lord is really watching out for me. T is now sitting next to me on a chair, singing. W has fallen asleep and the kids are running about.  Bedtime part two is coming up for them, now. :)

The Claudette Complainer part of me has gone off on a long walk in a huff because of this post. Sadly, I know she'll be back all to soon. But until then . . .

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