Monday, December 12, 2011

Marriage Talk with R

Dinner time is a great time to discover things about your children.  For example, tonight R said: "I cannot wait to be a grandfather." A few moments later he added with a touch of trepidation, "And a father."

After that a few minutes passed, "Mom, when will I be old enough to get married?"
Having not established a set time in my head I said, "After your mission."

In case you do not know what a mission is, it's when men and women in our church ages 19 and 21 go out and tell people about Jesus Christ and our Church.  If you'd like to know more go to or ask me it's one of the things I love to talk about.

"You can get married after you turn 21--preferably later."  I said.

"Mo-o-om, that's forever!"


"Mom, I'm a little nervous about the kiss."

"Don't worry honey. When the time comes, you'll be just fine!"

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