Sunday, December 11, 2011

T's explanation for anything that takes more than a minute. . .

"Mom you've been gone a long year." (This is usually after I take a 20 minute nap or a five minute walk to get milk).
"NOOO DAD, NOT WORK. You'll be gone a long year."

Also, he has recently decided that being "the rotten egg" is a huge honor.  For the first few weeks he'd take off like a shot up the stairs so he could be the first one up and the "rotten egg."

Lately, he's been much more generous and wants to share those glorious moments. Even when my arms are full of groceries and there is literally ten inches of stair next to me for him to climb up he says, "Mom, let's go together, then we can be rotten eggs together." Those are my favorite rotten egg times.

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