Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dearest Folk

In our family we are striving to build our talents. The one talent we've been working on extensively for the last week is that of having a clean home. Yesterday, W came home utterly exhausted. He looked so tired. We had already eaten dinner together and we weren't planning on him being home for a few more hours. The house was less than guest-worthy (a lot less) and he came in and helped R with his homework and then got the kids excited about picking up and helped me finish picking up the front room, our room, and the kids room. Sometimes I just need a big pick-me-up (like developing the clean-house talent) and he was there for me. Thank you, dearest! I love you sooooo much!

Secondly, my mother. Not only does she give me wonderful advice and inspiration, she is what I want to be like. She seems to be able to single handedly run an immaculate house, a great family, aiding my father with his business. Yet, she still is able to talk to me for a long time. Today I received in the mail a care package, just to let me know that she loves me. She sent me some ideas for primary, candy, a gift card, a fun CD, a DVD, paper and other immensely fun things. Thanks Mom! I love you profusely!


cherry said...

I miss my Mom...

You and Brother W are such great examples of the believers...and very friendly people!!

vdg family said...

Thanks Cherry! You are a great example and super friendly! :D We're so glad we have you!