Monday, October 26, 2009

Primary Program 2009

Yesterday was the Primary Program in our ward. It went really well and I was exceedingly thankful and proud of all the children and adults that participated. Cherry was wonderful to play the piano so beautifully for us (thank you sooooo much Cherry). Thank you to Lindsay, Patrice, Naomi, Shawna, Vickie, and Kristy. You are wonderful sisters and I feel so thankful to work with you!

We wanted to make sure every child got to say some lines. As you may know, the same kidlets do not show up every week, so we had to make some last minute adjustments. Some of the kids repeated the lines the person in front of them said. But I don't feel one bit bad about that--they were important concepts worthy of repetition.

My daughter S kept me and many others in stitches whenever she had her moment to participate.S was sitting right in the front by the other dear, wiggly sunbeams. W sat right in front of her for as long as T would let him. He said she got really loud at the end of each word. She doesn't know the correct words to "How Firm A Foundation" so she sang what she thought they were--something completely different--with a great crescendo ending each supposed word. When it was her turn for her part; she gingerly got up to the stand, beaming, spoke so loudly that some of the people listening had to protect their ears. At the end of her second line, which was. "When I am 8 years old I will be baptized" she threw out her jazz arm (a straight arm) out into the air exultantly. Then she chuckled a pleased-with-herself laugh.

The kids were so wonderful and they spoke clearly. They sang the songs (softer on the parts they couldn't remember all the way and triumphantly loud on the parts they knew like the backs of their hands).

R sat across the stand from me so I didn't see to much of him. When we did have eye contact he would smile broadly. I love my sweet primary children.

The pictures are from a few weeks ago (sorry I forgot to take new ones).


Kelly said...

""When I am 8 years old I will be baptized" she threw out her jazz arm (a straight arm) out into the air exultantly. Then she chuckled a pleased-with-herself laugh."~That, was hilarious! Too bad you couldn't see it from the congregation's view. She had the biggest smile and was enjoying that attention. She stole the show!

Lindsay said...

I love S. :)

cherry said...

I love everything in that Primary presentation and i love how you guys made ALL the children special...and my favorite part was when everyone sang "Families can be tgether Forever" I feel like i am already in Heaven with everyone joyfully singing together...the Spirit was so strong!!

GR82BAMOM said...

It was a beautiful program and all the children did really well. Congrats to all, including the leaders that worked so hard to put everything together.

Emily said...

Aw man! I'm so sad I missed it. There's no shame in singing loudly even when you don't know the words. I do the same thing when I sing Shakira songs.