Friday, November 6, 2009

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Fall is beautiful. It is no wonder that poems galore are written about the fall. Poetry seems to speak to our souls as we contemplate the cycles of the earth and wonder in awe.

R and S found an awesome place for performing plays. We did several renditions and variations on "Jack and the Beanstalk." Who knew they could come up with so many ideas. We were there for nearly a half hour (very long in little kid time).

It was interesting to see T. Somehow to a 21-month-old the world is seen as a giant jungle gym. Rocks to be climbed; mothers to hide from; ants to inspect; water to test; etc. Life is a mystery waiting to be solved. We chased T a couple of times and in my heart I heard "AHHHHHH, where is my baby?!?" Of course after that there were several hundred second-long-prayers praying for the safety of my cutie pie.

S still believes that when she opens her mouth she must be smiling. We had a fabulous time having leaf wars. I love that!


doug & mary said...

If I ever make it to NYC and you are still there, you need to take me to these gardens. It looks so pretty and lush!

vdg family said...

We would love to take you there! :)