Friday, November 6, 2009

Irish Drinking Movie

First off, I want all to read this to know I do not in any shape or form support the drinking of alcoholic beverages. It smells rank and makes people lose their ability to think rationally. That said I still like taking pictures of movie-making going on in my neighborhood.

The guy on the right in the photo above kept calling me his biggest fan because I was taking pictures. The lady above is the star of the show. I actually didn't ask names, but they said it was okay I put their pictures on my blog. Thanks folks! I could watch for hours.
Look at them. I think they are thinking, "Someday I am going to be a big, famous person and this picture you are randomly taking will be worth millions and millions of dollars." I would think that too.
S was really hungry and sleepy when I took this picture.
These ladies look so friendly. I love making people feel important by taking their picture while filming. They just beam because they are so happy to have a picture taken of them by me. :) I am super humble if you haven't noticed.

Look at that contraption. The guy around it said it was a bouncer because it catches sunlight and bounces into the windows creating more light in the room. Ingenious.

Look at this!!! Awesome car! Can you imagine picking up your prom date in this?

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Lindsay said...

Wow -- when was this? I think I need to hang out on your street more often. :)