Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fancy Nancy

A goal of mine has been to spend individual time with each of my kids. I took R out for lunch from school and I took S out for pizza and to a Fancy Nancy book signing. We both dressed up. We looked sooooo glamorous. Turns out I was about the only mom there dressed up. Oh well, at least I looked fabulous. See--I have a flower in my hair--it's proof.

Note to self: Do not take 4-year-old to book signing when it is freezing outside.
Take more snacks/water. Bring a camera with flash. Bring a friend.

S was freezing for the 2 hours we waited to get in to see the people. About 1/3 of the time outside I was holding her in my arms, sticking her legs in my coat and wrapping her in my shawl (I had a jacket and a coat on as well). The ladies were nice and complimentary. The owner of the shop was upset I had only bought one book and then brought my own books. Pretty much it was a learning experience. Oh yeah, I've got a few signed "Fancy Nancy" books too.


rachel said...

Oh, i miss NYC so much. I miss having things like this to do. It always seems crazy at the time, but what memories!!!

Orton Family said...

What a good mom you are to take the time to do something fun with each one of your children - even if it didn't turn out like you expected! I bet Sarah had a great time dressing up with you!! We love you and mis you!

GR82BAMOM said...

I so totally wanted to go that night, but after having been out most of the day running errands we were just pooped, not to mention how cold it got later in the afternoon. I just couldn't do that to my little Liam. How cute that you both dressed up!! I think you are amazing for doing this with your sweet little S. I can well imagine it not being fun standing out there in the cold without any snacks and stuff (as evidenced by S's face in that photo). And you know what else? I did swing by there earlier that afternoon while running errands and bought that same book you showed me of the fancy words and had them set it aside for the author to sign it. I stopped by the next day to pick it up only to find that it was made out to someone else. I didn't even ask for it to be personalized. Anyway, I got a refund and that was that.

doug & mary said...

SO FUN!!! We LOVE Fancy Nancy at our house! For Rachel's birthday back in September she had a Fancy Nancy much fun with little girls. Did you get to meet Jane O'Conner?

Kendra Leigh said...