Monday, November 30, 2009

S's story

Last night S was telling me a story and it went something like this.

Once upon a time, in a land far away, called Restaurant there was a great big, teeny, tiny castle [she held up her fists closed and together]. There was a thief that stole all the jewels in the the castle and the whole world. He left one diamond and it opened up into a note.

Then some of the jewels turned into princesses. The most beautiful of all was Princess M, and then there were [she turns to M and asks, "Who are your friends, mom? I don't know their names." To which I replied Kelly, Kristin, Kathy, Vickie, Lindsay . . . I said about 20 or 30 of you fabulous folks. She continued] There was Princess Kelly, Princess Kristin, Princess Kathy, Princess Vickie. . . [It took awhile to get through all the princesses]. They gathered together and took all the jewels back and saved the day.

It was really a much longer and drawn out story but I started to fall asleep and then got really hungry so we had to take a story break so I could eat some food. . . I condensed it at the last part. Sorry.

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Kristin Van De Graaff said...

I love it when my kids tell stories too. (Except that it's usually when they are supposed to be sleeping.) Sarah is sooo creative. I like the part about the jewels turning into princesses!