Thursday, March 18, 2010

Delights with S

Today as S and I were walking she was working on getting things right with a scooter I found at the thrift store for $5. She was riding carefully with the exception that she aimed right for people's legs. Thankfully she is such a cutie that they would smile at me with a nod. I would of course say, "Excuse us, sorry" or "Beg your pardon."
Later we went to buy some shoes (which look like ruby slippers--except that they are bright pink--of course) and S on several occasions said what I thought was, "Beg your pardon." It really made me beam with a righteous pride.
On the way home she asked, "Mom, what does 'thank you, pardon' mean?"

We gave her a hair cut today too!

S with long hair.

Short Haired Sarah

See the shoes?! She is so proud of them!


Joe and Kristin Family said...

Cute haircut! We (okay, Kristin) try to cut Jenna's hair. Seems to work fine, at least for now.

vdg family said...

Thanks. Yay Kristin!