Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What would you do?

On March 2, 2010 I wrote and deleted the following post (with a few corrections):

Just this morning my neighbors were smoking (again). It smelled a bit sweeter than regular cigarette smoke and from what I understand that is what marijuana smells like. It was seeping through our bathroom vent--and then through the hallway.

First I would just like to state that having people smoke around my children does not make me smile--I would rather look at them with an eye of consternation, show them a chart of what their liver probably looks like--compared to what it should look like. Then I would give them the non-swearing tongue lashing of their lives declaring that their independence of smoking around my children--even if they think is so secretive in their bathroom--is having an effect on me and my kids.

This morning I hit a breaking point. I stomped into my bathroom and yelled for all I was worth at the tip-top of my lungs "STOP SMOKING! WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO SMOKE IN YOUR CHILDREN'S FACES? WE CAN SMELL IT!!!!"

Upon reflection I realize this was very immature (I am ashamed--it was not a proud moment in my life), maybe it was a side effect of unintentional inhalation. But I cannot stand the smoke coming into my house--they have kids too. What are they thinking?

A few minutes later I could smell a very strong room deodorizer. Ha!

What would you clear-minded and cheerful individuals do in such a situation?


I am not sure which of my neighbors is using pot. Because yesterday as I was walking with my kids home from school there was a group of teenage boys outside my apartment and one of them said, "Is it okay if we're smoking this here with those people?" One of the other boys said, "Sure, if they call the cops we'll just leave."

I should have answered him, "No, we would really appreciate it if you wouldn't smoke at all and donate the money you would have spent to a worthy cause--that will make you generous and happy. "


rachel said...

Oh Dear. I feel your pain. I think I called our management office at least twice a week about drugs being smoked right outside our door in the stairway. It made me sick. I'd stuff the doorway with towels in an attempt to keep the 2nd hand out but it never helped that much. People are so inconsiderate. They smoked there because there was a window that was right over the building entrance so they could run away when security came to bust them. It was a big reason for my decision to leave Brooklyn.

vdg family said...

Thank you for the comment! This is the first place I've lived that this has happened. I really like my neighborhood and my neighbors for the most part--I am still not sure which people are smoking. Even the guy next door that told his friends they could smoke is actually a pretty nice person--in the 10 seconds we spoke--months before the incident.