Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Curl or Not to Curl

You know how I cut S's hair, right? You know all those adorable ringlets that she has had for awhile, well either they've left permanently or have gone on sabbatical because they have only left a back-up wave. Sniff. Her hair is much easier to do, fewer stubborn Bedelia tangles. But the curls . . . (feel free to imagine the ultra-dramatic music only black and white version of me in a pioneer dress wailing).

Do not worry. I have a secret weapon--the curling iron. Wink, wink.

Does anyone have any good ideas on informing your daughter that the curling iron does not hurt?

And in case you wanted more for your scooter pleasure. . . introducing S and her scooter video 1. You also get a close up of the sidewalks of Brooklyn.

My favorite words were, "You're the nicest mom I ever seen" and "Wha hoo!" I forgot the word "video" which happens when I'm filming so I substituted with the less effective "picture."

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