Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guardian Angels

Tonight I told the kids a story about W's mission to Honduras. It went something like this:

When Daddy was on his mission Hurricane Mitch came. Right before it got there the Mission President told the missionaries to get out of their areas and head to the high area of the mission.

Hurricane Mitch came but it did not do as much damage as the flooding it caused afterward. The water came up and washed away the homes. The bishop of the ward in which he was serving had a truck (a rarity) and he drove around right before the hurricane and picked up members of the ward and took them to higher ground saving the lives of his family and ward members. The bishop's house and many members of the ward had their homes washed away.

Afterward the missionaries went back and helped clean up.

S piped in, "Was I a baby then, Mom?"
I said, "No, you weren't born yet sweetie. This was before I had met Daddy."
She said, "Then I must have been an angel in the car with them, helping."
R said, "Me too."

Oh, my heart. How I love my dearies!


Jill said...

Hey, my brother in law was in there during the same hurricane! Does your husband know a jeff Dixon? Your kids are super cute by the way!

Kristin Van De Graaff said...

Sweetness to the max!

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Sooooo incredibly sweet! I want to tell stories to our children someday like you!!

Christy said...

That is so tender! I love that story.