Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Severe Case of Camera Envy

The other day Ashley, Jill and I took our 2-year-olds and went to the Hick's Family Nursery in Long Island. We went on a hay ride and saw the talking parrot (the first one I've ever met--I think he really liked us--he kept doing the yoo-hoo whistle), saw the fish, saw the animals in the "petting" zoo. We did not get to pet the animals but they had a large assortment to watch varying from peacocks, pig, hens, roosters, goats, sheep, grouse, etc. The kids loved it--they climbed the fence keeping the people and the animals apart. The children pointed and occasionally said what the animals were. Mostly T, L, and D just stared at the animals and the animals ate and stared back.

I feel sure I have seen this witch somewhere before. Is she on the Smurfs as Gargamel's girlfriend, Glare-a-bell? Or is she the bad witch from Gummi Bears? Never mind. The kids had fun in her stew pot.

Ashley was trying out her new camera and I was struck with an immense case of camera envy. I'll admit I have had it before, like when we visit W's family and they pull out their uber-professional cameras and snap pictures like crazy--with amazing results. But it struck me in a whole new way this time. Probably because I didn't even need to imagine using photo shop to make the photo look better and because Ashley is a fellow mom and I could imagine myself using such a camera on a daily basis. She probably thought it was a little funny I snapped so many pictures when she let me take pictures of she and L, but I couldn't help it. It was so difficult to stop my snapping fingers (punny, huh).

I think I really NEED a nice camera. I am sure my children, grand children, great-grand children, etc. NEED to see the past in beautiful clarity. It wasn't until I saw our kids grinning back at me through the lcd screen that my appetite for beautiful practically professional photos struck me like a wet towel fight during a sibling dish washing session.

I can imagine it now, a telepathic letter sent through the folds of time from the year 2099 (I'll still be alive and 120-150 will be the new middle age. It will be amazing).

Dear Momsie and Popsicle:
We know you think you're doing all you can, bless your hearts, but is there any chance in a blue moon that you could please update your camera. I know it doesn't seem too pressing right now, but when in thirty years when all cameras become 3-D and 3 years after that when they can animate any still photo and add sound from 2010 and forward. You need to get a new camera ASAP for the sake of the children (us). Love you dearly! Love, your progeny

To send to the future I would write telepathically:

Dear Progeny:
I understand your desire to have useful pictures. I am making an effort to convince your dear sweet Popsicle that this is a necessity, but he seems to feel it is an unnecessary luxury. I think only tears and rants will change his mind of this and since crying gives me a headache--I would rather laugh (thank you Sister Hinckley) and ranting makes me grouchy, I feel for your sakes now, it may be better if we waited on the camera. But I'm hoping . . .

Please excuse the cell phone pictures (if you know what those are--they are these big things we hold up to our faces to talk--they added little cameras to them and they are not very good yet). Love you still, always and forever. Love, Momsie

I am pretty sure they're sending another message.
Pretty please, with a cherry on top, Momsie? Oh, and the you of the future says pray, work hard, enjoy, don't stress, drink lots of water, go for long walks and to please wear sunscreen. Love, Your heirs.

Thank you futurians.


Jill said...

I feel the exact same way! I NEED a good camera (and a few extra hundred buck to buy one!)

Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Oh Mel! I wish you had a camera too!! your blog still looks wonderful with your cell phone pictures!!! Love you!