Thursday, October 21, 2010

T Getting Ready

Yesterday T decided it was time to take getting ready for the day into his own hands.

I was putting on my make-up and turned to find that T had my lip gloss.

He smiled really big and said, "Mom, I need more wips (lips)."

This was in the bathroom, where there was the best light.  This is a general synopsis of what was said:

m: What is on your face?
t: Cheese.
m: What is on your face?

t: My face.
m: Oh really?
t: My wips are on my face.
m: Oh really? What else is on your face? Is it lip gloss?
t: Wip goss.
t: The wip goss is always, always, always. Cheese.

How I love that snuggly little fellow and his wips.

By the way my story has been updated. See it here

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Joe and Kristin Family said...

This is great. Way to immortalize the moment and memory.