Monday, October 18, 2010

Time Watcher Won

As you may have seen, from the poll I took and the postings for the story the results were the time watcher.

I am hoping to add a post each week, though it may be more often.

There will be more details, but the synopsis, as of now is about a girl that finds that she is a time watcher. The time watcher has an "anchor time" which he/she watches several times, from different angles--but cannot--for the most part--interact with the people she sees. Some time watchers have more abilities than others and it is a process of discovery. It is her adventure to find out what is happening, why it happens, what she is supposed to do with her knowledge, and how she will avoid those trying to stop her from doing it again.

Sound exciting enough?

Since it is my first published story, I claim the right to change things along the way (if it is significant I will let you know in the comments).

Let me know what you think. :) Thanks!

You can find it at

Oh, her "anchor time" is based on a short time in my great-great-great-great grandmother's life.

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Chelise said...

Awesome Mel! Definitely count me in as a follower...

and Mommers too!