Friday, December 24, 2010

Goal: Become a Frugalista

New Years is just around the corner.  One of my many goals is to become a Frugalista [froo-gal-ee-sta] as in decidedly wise and economical in all purchases.  I know I have claimed this title before, but I think it was an error.  But now . . .

This challenge will be fabulous for me. I have been reading several frugalista blogs on coupon clipping, deal hopping, and such. I plan on becoming a fabulous haggler. I have oodles of food storage that needs to be used--it is my goal to use it soon.

an old picture of me

I think I am finally up for it. I would love your advice on how you frugalize.

Oh and if you see me making unnecessary purchases--please fake a serious case of hiccups so I remember my goal. My bank book and I thank you.


Kelly said...

So cough up your blogs and your info and I'll see what I can add :)

I try to be frugal, but there's some things I just "need" to splurge chocolate. I can't make it through my day without it!

Whitney said...

I really want to be a coupon clipper, but every time I try to start I get so overwhelmed!

Lindsay said...

We just reverted back to an envelope budget. We figured out how much money we need each month for things like groceries, household items, haircuts, etc and withdraw the cash and divide it into envelopes. Then, only cash can be used and when it's gone, it's gone. Adjustments will likely be required each month, but the goal is to be more contientious of where our money is going, and I think that's easier to do with cash than with a bank card.

Mindy said...

Hey you cute girl with brown hair! I really like how the "brond" turned out. Years ago I died my hair all dark brown and it may fade redish after a while - just fyi. Blond would be super fun for a change - plus he'll do it for free! I think life is too short for just one hair color. Um as far as saving mula, sometimes I price match at Walmart for groceries. Coupons just make my head hurt, so I just go online and look at all the current local grocery ads and write down all the good prices. I try (big emphasis on "try") to update our monthly budget once a week so I know how much money we have left to spend on food, etc... so I better can gauge how my frugalistism is going. Good luck with the new goal and the new hair!! Loves!!
Mindy the almost mother of 2

BrooklynBargainista said...

I have a coupon matching blog for Brooklyn that is super-easy to use and can help you be a frugalista. It's