Monday, December 13, 2010

Pondering about Christmas

My mind has been pondering Mary, the mother of Jesus and the very unique individual she was.  After having an angel appear to her I imagine her going to visit her cousin Elizabeth, both to enjoy Elizabeth's company, but also to read all the prophecies about Jesus Christ that she could so she would know what she needed to teach him and what to expect.  I can imagine her hands gently touching the manuscripts and her mind racing while reading about her son and realizing there would be great joy and sorrow.  Then I imagine her talking with Elizabeth and both of them rejoicing in the great goodness of the Lord.

How she and Joseph must have talked after they were wed.  How, when in the stable, the scriptures they'd read made sense and they must have smiled and nodded at each other with a happy peace that this was the way it needed to be.

None of my guesses are scriptural, but it helps to me think of these individuals on a more personal level.

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Lindsay said...

Lovely post, M. In our daily scripture study together, Blake and I have recently been reading different accounts of Christ's birth. The descriptions and experiences of Mary, especially in Luke 1 and 2 especially touched me this year for some reason. What an amazing and thoughtful woman she was.