Friday, December 10, 2010

S lost her first tooth

S lost her first tooth yesterday during the playgroup at our house.  About five minutes after she pulled it from her mouth she lost it.  Finding a tooth that is a centimeter-ish long is not an easy thing to do--anywhere. 

So this morning she looked under her pillow and found $1 with a note that said something like:

Congratulations you lost your first tooth. I know I'll be visiting your house a lot through the next few years.  I haven't found your tooth yet. I know you wanted to show it to your class, but for now show them the place where the tooth used to be.
Hugs, the Tooth Fairy

She was soooo excited this morning when she found the note under her pillow. She was smiling all the way to school and stopped to tell the crossing guard in the middle of the street that she lost her tooth.


Lindsay said...

Sounds like we missed an exciting playgroup! Congrats to S!

Kelly said...

Yay Sarah! That's so exciting! Kaity has two that have been lose for months. It is literally hanging by a thread...She reminds me of Cletus from the Simpsons! Go to I caught the tooth fairy . com and put in the promo code Fairy-Proof. You get to super impose a fairy in a picture of your child sleeping. It's free til the end of the year. All you do is download it and it's really cute!

Here's Kaity's

vdg family said...

Thanks Kelly! Thanks Lindsay! :) She'll love that!