Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evening Exaustion

T: Mom, look!
M: I can't.
T: Why?
M: Because I'm in mind mush.
R: Where's is mind mush?
M: Somewhere between sanity and insanity.
T: Why?

I turn and look and he's got his shirt off with the neck of the shirt around his waist.

Evening exhaustion has set in.

Now he's doing the native VDG dance.

I love my life.  Bed time. . .  soon. 

I can do this!


Kelly said...

Sometimes, bedtime can't come soon enough!! Evening exhaustion sets in as soon as Kaity and Abby get home from school.

cherry said...

T is so cute, I like him so much!!

I always feel exhausted after 12pm...hehehe...true!

Hi Kelly!