Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Home Evening

Look at my hot hubbie!  I'm sooo lucky! :D

My children love the one day of the week, we call it Family Home Evening or FHE for short, where we spend 20 minutes together having a short lesson and then the . . . game.  The game is really the highlight at this point, but I just love their enthusiasm.  They are excited to participate in the lesson because they know the moment the closing prayer (we open and close with a prayer) we will all play a game together.

It is the time of the week that there is guaranteed family laughter. Seeing my family laugh together pretty much is at the top of "my favorites" chart. It is then I think, if there is a moment that I want to be in my heart forever--it is now.  Oh how I love my dear ones! :)

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Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Wayne looks so great in this picture! What amazing parents you guys are to have made it so far in medical school! Way to go!!!