Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Mother Day

This morning I was making an attempt to make the day more fun.  Pre-getting home from dropping off the older kidlets at school we:

  • Watched water race down the gutter and raced biodegradable tiny things to see which would get to the drain at the end of the block first.
  • Looked for tree mushrooms (found some).
  • Played recycling hockey the rest of the way home (it was trash/recycling day where we live) and saw our puck get run over by a pick-up truck--thus renewing the lessons that if something we are playing with goes in the street we do not run after it--Mom gets it, when it is safe.
Then when we got home we:
  • Washed our hands and played in the bubbles for a few minutes.
  • Sorted the laundry and made up this song.

I will have to say, before you watch the movie, Tommy was such a good sport.  We had a great time making it. It is not professional in any way shape or form. It's just fun. :)

The Laundry Man

There was a family. 
Who went to do their laundry.
But after it was done,
They faced a huge quandary.

Their laundry had been misplaced;
Almost gone to outer space.

What were they going to do?

They called the Laundry Man.
The Laundry Man.
The Laundry.

He went to find the laundry.
To dissolve their sad quandary.
He followed the clothes line
And then followed a vine.

There he found one of their shirts.

He searched hi and lo.
Underneath cars and some snow.
He asked all around.
Then something he found.

The thieves gave the laundry back to:

The Laundry Man.
The Laundry Man.
The Laundry.


Whitney said...

Wow. You are amazing. I need to be a fun mom more often. Does the Laundry Man do laundry or does he just find laundry? 'Cause I'd love to have a laundry man!

vdg family said...

Well in this rendition he only finds laundry . . . but maybe future renditions. :) Thanks Whitney!

Kelly said...

Look out Laurie Berkner!! I think she has some competition. :) Cute Melanie!