Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Hair

I did my daughter's hair St. Patty's style.  She got excited about a hairstyle that I pulled up on Pinterest. As far as I can remember she has never gotten excited about a hairstyle, ever. So when she was interested I thought---woohoo!  I've got a little girl who'll let me do her hair willingly. I've waited seven years for this.

I slaved and battled for the computer with my four-year-old (Let me play the game!!) so I could see the instructions and ended up with this.

I'm so proud.

Do you see the three leaf clover? The person who's idea it was is here at Adopt a'Do, Cute Girl Hairstyles.

Then, in a feeling of dear reciprocation she started combing my straightened hair (the only time I'll allow anyone to touch my hair).

S said, "Oh mom I love your beautiful blonde hair. You could grow it a little more and then make it into a beautiful wig." Then a moment later she added, "You'd be bald then and that wouldn't be very good."

A second later, "It feels like soft hay."  For the record, I'm not sure she remembers what soft hay feels like--there is not much hay in Brooklyn and much less soft hay--so let's just say my hair feels like healthy hair.

I love my little fairy princess.

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