Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pioneer Day

Last year on Pioneer Day-ish we were in Idaho and Utah. We dressed up. We rode/pushed/helped kids in and out of a handcart. We ate a picnic in the great outdoors. We hiked. We even made it up Ensign Peak. Not all of it was on the same day. As you can see it was with both sides of the family and wonderful memories were made. We love you dear pioneer family! We love and miss you a lot!

Now to figure out what we're going to do this year, indoors because the outside is too hot. We are so grateful for air conditioning!


Orton Family said...

Fun memories!!!! That was a great pioneer day trip!!! What did you end up doing this year? Our ward had a party and that was fun. We love you and hope you had a great weekend Melanie!

Joe and Kristin Family said...

We miss having you here. Time will fly by, and in a moment's notice you'll be back.

Joe & Kristin