Sunday, July 25, 2010

Puppet Show

Did you know that Sunset Park's "Sunset Park" is an enormously busy park? I had no idea--it's like as busy, if not more busy, as Central Park down by FAO Schwarz--up on the hillside. They have a book mobile (one of four in Brooklyn), tons of summer camps, 2 watering parks, people playing dominoes and an assortment of other games--every table was taken in the sun or the shade. It was as busy of a park as I have ever seen. It was so hot T did not want to sit at all. We had to move (you can see how pink he was just from the heat). Right after this we went swimming to cool off. Then home to recuperate in the a/c.

The marionette puppet show was fabulous. The only time I've seen one of these was when I watched "The Sound of Music." It was fun to see them in real life. This is the traveling act of Central Park's Swedish Marionette Puppet Theater Group. R and S loved it. T wanted to be anywhere else (guess it is a 3 and up sort of a deal). It was packed by the way.


Orton Family said...

Oh how fun!!!(Except for the hot part!) I would love to see a live Marrionette show! We love you Melanie and miss you! We love to see all the fun things you are doing with your sweet ones!

Emily said...

Yay for Sunset Park!

Lindsay said...

That looks like so much fun! We should try venturing up to Sunset Park more often.