Friday, January 7, 2011

Comments of Absurdity

Have you ever had one of those days where several things happen that make you laugh.  Like things people say to you to express their dear, but utterly ridiculous opinions.

For example, one lady told me I was nuts to let my child wear anything but tube socks when it was so cold outside.  She may be right, but I have never been upbraided on the type of socks my children wear--isn't that a bit--much?

One guy introduced my children to his Chihuahua named "Killer."

The other day I was out taking my kids to school in my huge enormous-est coat to maximize warmth and congenial feelings toward all I meet (especially my kidlets). And this elderly gentleman comes up to me and asks, "What do you do with your kids while you model on TV?"  I just about burst out laughing and was slightly mortified at the same moment. It may have been more fitting, at the moment I am referring to, to imagine me as wild-haired teletubby (even though I know Teletubbies have no hair).  The picture below may have been not quite how I looked, but similar to how I felt.

That strange guy that walks around Fifth Avenue like he owns it--that is as tall as an elephant (and I feel like the girl in the picture). Each and every time I have the strange sensation to ask him how the weather is up there and each and every time he has some odd thing to say. Last time I saw him he said, "Little Bo Peep and all her sheep."  At that moment,  I was shepherding my lambs (kids) home.

Sometimes the most practical thing to do is smile and nod--just smile and nod . . . and then chuckle about it in one's head as one walks away from the concerned people. Other times it is just fine to turn and walk away, like the Bo-Peep man.

Oh, and if we're talking one day and out of the blue I say something completely ridiculous, please do not take offense. Just smile, nod and laugh in your head and it is okay to think--I think M is having a bad day or a sugar low. She's not that crazy.  Your forgiveness is greatly appreciated.

If you want to know where I got the pictures, click on them. :)

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