Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Moments of the Day

Today E.J. (the oldest daughter of the people that just had triplets in our neighborhood/Church) came over for a play date today. T loves it when she comes over because they are about the same age and talk like crazy. We went to Costco for us and for their family and T, E, and I had a thank you game.  It went some thing like this.

T: Thank you.
M: No, Thank you.
E: Thank you.
M: No, Thank you.
T: Nooo, Thank you.
E: Thank me.

At which point we all just burst out laughing for a good 30 seconds.  And then we'd do it again.  I love laughing with 2-year-olds.  They are such sweeties.

We also passed under this huge vent that blew a powerful breeze (not hot, but not cold) down the isle.  T kept insisting we go down the isle because when we passed under it we would pretend we were being blown away.  Which made the two-year-old giggles increase.

Later, after I'd dropped E off at her house, the kids and I looked all over for a place to make a snow man.  Well, near where we live there limited options for such an idea, but across the street from where we live we found a place where the snow had not been well shoveled and we made a 2 foot snow man. It was glorious to see my kids making snow angels in a small square of snow and then be delighted with the outcome no matter how funny it looked.  R loves to throw snow balls.

A school bus stopped by us as we fussed with the snow man and a couple of kids in the back seat looked out the window and saw us and screeched with excitement at what we were doing and mouthed the words, "I want to make a snow man too!"  Then I gave her a big smile and the thumbs up sign (perfectly acceptable in America) and she smiled back with a thumbs-up sign too.

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