Sunday, January 23, 2011

T Time

Last night T was saying his prayers. It started as a normal prayer a few family loops, thankful for a few toys (each individually--thank you for Buzz Lightyear), then he began on the rooms in the house and it went something like this. 

"Thank you for the computer room and the room where I sleep and the room where I eat and the room that I watch "Baby Einsteins."  Please bless us that we won't died. Please help mom that she'll feel good and be happy not grouchy."

That kid is going to get some serious blessings, I have never heard a two-year-old pray so lo-o-ong and so specifically and of course with definite faith.

Then a few moments ago he was turning around and around in a circle and he said, "Mom, look I'm speeding! I'm speeding!"

I said, "You're speeding?! I'll have to give you a ticket."

With the utmost glee and excitement he cried out, "A ticket! Where's my ticket?"


Whitney said...

The only time he'll be happy to get a ticket...ever.

cherry said...

Hahaha...T! soooo cute!!!

Orton Family said...

So very sweet! I am so grateful for my children's prayers for me! Slowly we are all getting better together! :-) Love you Melanie!

Kristin Van De Graaff said...

Love it. Soooo sweet!