Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Politics: who, what, when, where, why on earth?!

Some of my good friends are very politically educated.  Speaking of politics, to them, is like eating a chocolate chip cookie would be to me.  In other words, it is exceedingly pleasant to them--whereas to me, it just makes me feel anxious.

A few years back a friend of mine brought a friend of hers to church.  Somehow it got out that I really had no idea what was going on in Washington, at the moment. I was utterly and completely wrapped up in my sphere of life--motherhood and though I would sometimes read Google news, my understanding of what was happening was next to zilch. This friend of a friend presented an idea that I was a complete idiot for not knowing and even worse not really caring (at that time).  She worked in Washington, she was a lobbyist, it was her whole world. . . of course she would think that.

Looking to the future.

Years later, still enveloped in motherhood,  having read more Google news, and listened to/watched occasional radio/television coverage of political candidates and races has more than once filled my mind and understanding--but many things still cause me to think that no one really knows anything about government or how it works, they are all just doing what they think the people want-ish.

So, what I am presenting to you, dear blog readers (and family members) is an opportunity to tell me what you think . . . .

Let's take this next presidential race for example. Let's pretend I was completely undecided (I'm not, but for the sake of argument understanding, please tell me).

Present President Obama vs. Mitt Romney
What were his promises in the previous elections. Which were fulfilled? Which were not? Why? What has he done to help the people--the most people--since being elected?  What are his promises for the next election? Is there a chance they could be fulfilled for the most good to the most people? What should this mean to me?

And lastly, where do I find as objective an understanding of this as possible?  Not all-Romney or all-Obama?

I have come to a juncture in my life where I would really like to understand and come back with a clear, concise answer to questions people ask me about my political standing, instead of "I'm still studying it."


Whitney said...

I often feel discouraged when trying to learn about political candidates because I don't know where to find unbiased information. And then I give up because how am I supposed to know which candidate is best when I can't get honest facts about them!?

Gonzo's Chicken said...

I'm sorry, maybe this just isn't Christian of me, but I totally would be tempted to spit out, "When the last time you taught a child something of value!" Seriously!

Who has no idea what's going on??? WASHINGTON, that's who. LIFE is what happens in your world, who cares about politics!!!

Oh, and I'm totally loving your blog...