Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wherein My Oldest Bro, Rob Visits

Rob visited us and  we loved it.  

We were going to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which I think Rob would have loved, only it felt like it was a million degrees outside and we changed our minds to go to Grimaldi's which is right near the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier.  It was so beautiful, especially when you look at the lights of Manhattan. 

Rob stayed in New Jersey. That is where his business meetings were.  He took the trains into Manhattan and down to Brooklyn.  Then Thursday night he met me in Manhattan where we went here: 
La Esquina-- amazing Mexican Food!

The taco--sooooo good!

The food was so good! I loved it. I think I will have to go there again.  Then we went to Rice to Riches where the only thing they sell there is rice pudding.  I don't normally like rice pudding, but this place was so light and had funny quotes everywhere and the pudding looked delicious and tasted delicious.

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