Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Trip: day 2

I forgot to mention that we arrived at 4:30 a.m. and my father-in-law was there to pick us up (thanks Dad!). Grammers was there to greet me and the children with a loving hug. I was just amazed at the joyful feeling that seemed to waft out from their lovely home.

They had gifts for my children--which made their joy reach beyond the moon and back.  Grandpa gave them camel-backs (you know the water-bottle-back-pack pictured below). And Grammers gave them gummy candy.

Note all the camel-backs. :) 
We went to sleep the children must have dreamed amazingly sweet dreams because S was up two hours later at the crack of dawn loving every moment of Grammer's house, yard, flowers, dog, trampoline, dress-ups, etc.

We went for a hike up by Alpine to Cecret Lake (I believe it pronounced like "secret").  That place is gorgeous!  On the way up T made sure Grandpa had the same standards we have by asking him if smoked or drank alcohol. The answer was, of course, no.

We met up with Steve and Mindy--of Busy Bliss fame.  We waded and saw a lot of salamanders.

We all came home exhausted, but oh so happy. Grammers had a little birthday party for all the visitors (my kids and I) and we all got fabulous gifts.  R, S, and T got their favorite cartoon characters in plastic and I got a watch (thank you).  Ben and Kara and Dad were all there too.

Then S had another lesson.  Thank you so much VDGs!  You're amazing and we are so blessed to be members of your family!


Jessica Wilson said...

I’m such a big stalker! Ahhh I saw your comment on 71 toes and figured that “vdg” was very of my best friends from high school was Lizzy! Such a small world. My family and I also live in NYC, I enjoyed reading your posts!

vdg family said...

You couldn't have left a comment on a better day! Mommers was visiting and she knew who you were right away. She was thrilled to be able to tell Lizzy about your comment! Give NYC a little whisper of "Hello!" from me! :D Thanks for the comment!