Thursday, August 23, 2012


Pardon my absence. 
It is very late at night. I got home from my vacation this morning and  after sleeping for the entire morning and attempting to stay awake all afternoon, I now cannot sleep because my brain is so full of  . . . everything.  I try to think positive thoughts right before I go to sleep--to encourage positive dreams.  Sometimes those positive thoughts become grand ideas that make me just about hop out of bed and run to the computer to write down the possibilities.

Tonight this word "Enthusiasm" popped into my head and just like a web for writing all these supporting themes came singing in my head.

To some, I appear a level-headed, cheerful person. I strive to be that kind of person. But what you may not see right away is that I have a few serious veins of enthusiasm.  I think it was my parents who instilled this in me . . . well that and the fact that I like to dance.  I found out on my vacation that I used to dance everywhere every day.  I know I used to tap dance in lines for lunch to pass the time even though it may have looked ridiculous--I loved it.

One time I answered the phone with a dead-pan voice.  You know, like the people at the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles--the people that give you your drivers license).  My mother, on the other side of the phone call, immediately asked me in an alarmed voice, "What's the matter?"   When I told her nothing was wrong she let me know that I needed to use enthusiasm when I answered the phone so she knew everything was okay.   At this point, let me say, if you call and I am asleep and I attempt a groggy enthusiasm, know I am doing my best and that I will probably not remember what we talked about.

From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Activity Center. This is the look I get sometimes
when my enthusiasm tips the  "normal" scale. It makes me laugh.
Enthusiasm Plus
But there are things that spike my enthusiasm.  It's like on the "normal" scale of people doing somethings they'll maybe have the enthusiasm level of a 7.  Mine will be like a 10 or tipping the scale to 11. Things that will do this include:
  • delicious food--if I don't make it, I love it.
  • good books--there are some great books out there and I want to read them.
  • blogging--obviously.   I want my posterity to know their mother and grandmother was a lovable enthusiast.
  • photography--again obviously. I strive to capture pictures of people that show personality--I love people and they're all oozing with personality.  I just have to time it right to get the perfect one.  If we talk photography please understand that I feel it an accomplishment at this point just to remember what aperture and shutter speed are at this point. I can't speak lenses or photoshop or lighting very well, yet.
  • laughing with my family--especially late at night when my laughter scale is very flexible. Which is easy when my husband makes me laugh a lot and when my kids say funny things or talk in accents.
  • site seeing--the prospect of seeing new things and learning makes me almost giddy with excitement.  While on vacation I purchased a pass to a lot of museums across the nation and the girl that sold it to me said she'd never sold one to someone that was so excited (heehee). Transit museum, here I come. 
  • performing--including being an extra--it's really difficult to keep a serious face.  I love to perform.  If you need someone to perform I will probably say yes right away.  My adrenaline pumps and it's like I have two or three times the enthusiasm of a normal person and I'll be honest, sometimes it is a challenge to contain.
  • girl's nights out--I love laughing with my friends a lot. Guffawing is so revitalizing--and silly, but great fun.
This is from Delmonico's.  I'm going to post more on that later.  I laughed so hard that night. :)

For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following sayings.

This one makes me laugh, W actually purchased Nutella as a welcome home gift for the kidlets and I.  :)  This is how the kids felt (except it was "Dad" instead of "Mom").

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Whitney said...

Haha it doesn't surprise me that you used to dance everywhere!