Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Trip: night 1

We go fly out to see our families about once a year.  

This year my kids were counting down from about 36 days on down and told everyone about it that they could.

When we arrived in the airport they told every living soul they met with unabashed enthusiasm, "We're going to Grandma's house!!!"  I think they assume that the airport is somewhat of a magical place because they become so excited. They asked everyone and their dogs where they were going (Buffalo, Orlando, etc.) and they were ecstatic, even when we had to stay in the airport 3.5 extra hours.  Thank goodness for the playroom.  It really helped my sanity.  

Then when it came time for us to catch the flight out, the kidlets nearly ran past the person checking the tickets.  Then they did run down the ramp to the airplane. The moment they stepped onto the jet, the captain greeted the children cheerfully and invited them into the cockpit to see the controls and gadgets. 

Rather than go into the cockpit and ooh and ahh over the gizmos T straightened his back and emphatically stated, "I do not drink alcohol, tea, coffee or beer! We don't use cigarettes or tobacco!"  

The attendant said, "That's a good thing, because you are only four."

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Alicia said...

love it! What strong values your kids have! And not afraid to shout it from the rooftops! So cute!