Thursday, August 23, 2012


Girl's night out.  I wonder who the first women were to have a girl's night out.  I imagine Eve going out (or staying-in cooking) with just her daughters and they had just a good man-less talk about child rearing and the newest plants they'd found recently and the good use they were.  They would have discussed the coolest new cave drawing  (if there were caves around and they possibly had time to create something--this does not mean I think that she was a cave woman, but that I think caves would be an awesome place to put art that you want to last forever) and who had the best hair-do (and how to do it) or made the most delicious food and sharing of recipies.  

In my opinion, girl's nights out are essential to women's mental health.  Plus we learn so much from each other and sympathize with one another's challenges and difficulties.  Girl's nights out are the best!

Delmonico's is the oldest fine dining restaurant in the the United States.  For NYC Restaurant Week their prix fixe menu is a fabulous deal. Just in case you were wondering prix fixe meals mean it comes with an appetizer, main dish, and dessert.  Lunch is set at $24.07 and dinner at $35.  There are 150 restaurants participating in "the week" running from August 13-September 3 (so it's still going for another week and a half so you could go with your honey if you're in town).

I really wanted the wait staff to start dancing like in Hello Dolly in the Harmonia Gardens, but they didn't.  R helped me with the artwork on the photo. :)

This is the song that inspired the dancing I hoped (but did not expect) would happen at Delmonico's.

I ordered the scallops as an appetizer (I never have scallops--so it was newish to me).
Then I ordered the Fillet Mignon for the main dish.
And I opted to pay $5 extra to have the Delmonico's original (meaning they invented it) Baked Alaska which was utterly heavenly.  These were the other options below--a chocolate cake-ish thing and lime cheesecake. 

At one point, when we ordering I got out my pen to write something down and left it on the table.  The waiter assumed it was one of theirs and took it (it looked just like one of theirs so it's understandable).  We forgot to order separately in the beginning so they did it when we were finished eating.  We were grateful. And I took the pen they left with us.  With a house full of kids having a pen handy is essential!  Come Sunday my children will be glad I have it.

In case you were wondering what other amazing dishes that have been invented at Delmonico's they are:
  • Delmonico's steak (1830)
  • Baked Alaska (1867)
  • Egg Benedict (1860's)
  • Eggs a'la Benedick 
  • Lobster Newberg

Leandra, one my friend's pictured above says that she goes to Delmonico's every Restaurant Week because their lobster (not currently on the prix fixe menu) and their steak is some of the best in the city.  I would definitely go again. :)

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